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Love and Pain showcase

I was given the opportunity to perform new music at a recent sold out R&B showcase called "Love and Pain" at the Middle East in Cambridge, Ma.. this showcase gave me an opportunity to perform unreleased music off of my upcoming album titled EQ. Songs I sang in order were "Damn Right", "Singin Like", "Like That" and "Roll n Ride".. each of which the crowd was really rocking to! I have to say that the experience was motivational because as soon as we arrived we were received with alot of courtesy, respect and love.. it really helps an artist stay positive and put on a great show just because of that! Shouts out to Chris Davis and Pilz Bury for collaborating on this and setting an example as to why working together works better than working against eachother! More shows will be blogged about in the near future! Stay tuned for my take on my opening slot for Money Mav, Fetty Wap, Young Thug and A boogie!

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