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       Elion Virtuoso is the physical embodiment of a phenom. A Genre Crossing Singer/ Songwriter who constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity through music, spawning an entirely new style by merging elements of different styles into one. Elion expresses his free spirit and Conscious outlook through his music with messages ranging from Social Issues and Politics to Love, Pain and Real Life Experiences with Slick Wordplay, Driving Melodies and Enchanting Instrumentals. Through his career he has shared the stage and worked in the studio with Superstars and Legends such as Fred The Godson, Cappadonna, Joyner Lucas, BIG Nate Allstar, Grammy award winning engineer Edwin Ramos. He has also gained the respect and praise from Billboard Charting producer Kato on the Track! In Pursuit of an ever elusive dream, Elion believes that taking the first step is only the beginning to  closing in on that dream with one quote... 


Make moves, not excuses


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