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"Neva" music video recap

First I want to thank my Fiancè Lynelis for supporting my dream and believeing in me as much as she does... And James Gomez as well for his continued motivation and assistance! The story to the development of this video is definately unique. Lynelis helped reach out to get the main female character (Beba) involved through mutual friends, I was invited to perform at the House of Blues across from fenway park in Boston by promoter and entrepreneur Pilz Bury, and that is where I met Maverik from JAMN 94.5fm Boston! He approached me after my set and immediately wanted  to work on some music together! After a listening session at the 94.5 studio we agreed that the song we should collab on was "Neva". Throughout that time, I was really looking to bringing this video to the next level, by doing something that noone else has done on the local level..and with the coninued help from Lynelis she was able to connect me with J'quan and Mathew Parello who run DCW dance studio in Marlborough. I also reached out to Orlando Maldonado online comedian, Joel "Peah Flow" Ruiz and Kevin "Kev Young" Gonzalez local R&B sensation to play certain roles, all of which executed flawlessly. The video was shot in about 2 weeks with minimal scripting and planning.. and the editing was extensive but we are all satisfied with the end result! The video is gaining traction and recognition amongst listeners and industry proffesionals alike, I could not be more excited about this release! Soon to be on Pandora and all online retail stores! Thank you to everyone involved! 

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